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Our Story

Our story

Back in 2006 we launched one of the world’s very first online Photobook brands.  We birthed, grew fast and soon began working with some of Australia’s pre-eminent retailers in providing their complete white labelled and branded photo product offer.

To keep up with our rapid growth, we needed to build an incredibly flexible manufacturing automation platform. It had to handle a massive number of unique orders, each tailored to a specific customer's needs - different sizes, papers, laminates, cover options, accessories, embossing, and more whilst being routed through different press-finishing workflow all while meeting different service levels and quality standards with different shipping options.

Sounds complicated – and it is.  To do that at scale with cost insight requires something pretty special.  So we built a platform for ourselves that we called Zen, for the manufacturing calmness that it brought.  Functionally it was unique, the business benefits profound.

It was always on our radar to commercialise the platform and that plan was finally hatched in 2019 when we rebuilt the platform on a completely new stack, end to end controlled by Pictureworks and scalable to enterprise volumes.  

We rebranded the platform ZenSmart and took the platform out to the global market.

We now service some of the world’s largest and most innovative digital image manufacturing companies with a team located across the globe to provide 24 hour delivery and support whilst continuing to provide a beautiful photo product service with

Our Businesses

Our businesses

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Manufacturing made agile

Manufacturing made agile

One unique customer, one unique product - made on demand to tight SLA's. Now repeat that tens of thousands of times a day with a diverse product portfolio, multiple brands to service and multiple different print and finishing workflow and life can get complicated.

To do that with absolute visibility to people and machine performance and visibility to cost and SLA performance creates amazing organizational potential to scale profitably and continuously refine.

ZenSmart is a business rule based, workflow automation platform available as a cloud, local or hybrid (your call) platform that does all that and whole lot more.

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When memories matters

For 16 years, we have been providing beautiful photo products, ranging from photo books to calendars, canvas, and more.


Our Online and Mac/Windows dedicated editors are equipped to handle both large and small photo product creation projects and we have a local customer service team ready to assist you every step of the way and guarantee your satisfaction. 

With a choice of stunning 7 colour Hi Colour and Standard Colour printing, along with 4 binding types and 124 cover/color combinations, we offer Australia's best choice for bringing your beautiful stories to life. 

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Our Team

Our Team

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Managing Director

Andrew Smith


Director and CIO

Samuel Brent

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Finance Director

Paul Devereux


Head of Product

Ahmed Munaz


Head of Engineering

Froilan Macugay


Head of Delivery

Jossue Amador

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